Work with Green Play Project

Green Feast’s work with Green Play Project has been vital to our development.  They provided us with a professional and personalised service from the inception of the company and got involved with all aspects of the business.

From the very beginning, Sally contributed her organisational skills to the team, helping the business to run efficiently.  She was very supportive of the company’s ethos and was able to develop materials and systems that reflected our philosophy.  On the occasions she accompanied me to school meetings and consultations, Sally was able to easily understand the needs and concerns of teachers, and quickly developed a positive rapport with the children.

Tom has been a valuable part of the on-site workforce on several of our projects.  He is always full of energy and enthusiasm.  Able to work independently and with initiative, he could be trusted to just get on with the job and complete carpentry and landscaping work to a high standard.

It has been a pleasure to work with Green Feasts and I have no doubt they will succeed with their ambitious future plans.


Simon Jackman, Director of Green Play Project