Food Growing in Montpelier

Sally co-founded the Urban Greening gardening group in Montpelier with me in February 2010.  This is a voluntary community group of Montpelier residents, who work together to increase Montpelier’s edible planting space, tree coverage and local gardening skills.  The group has been fantastically successful locally, with over 160 members, seven community planting sites, and almost 600 trees planted into a densely populated and socially diverse urban area of just over 1 square mile.

Sally’s involvement has been crucial to our success.  She has always emphasised inclusivity and fun; our planting workdays are very social events and this has been critical to retention of volunteers.  Our planning meetings regularly attract 15-20 members, who take an active part in the planning and delivery of projects and suggest ideas for new trials. Sally takes care to ensure everyone’s views are heard and considered, and works sympathetically and constructively to encourage shared ownership of tasks and shared responsibility for successes.  Sally works amazingly hard on any project she commits herself to; she is a very competent organiser of administrative tasks, PR and volunteers. She is truly cherished locally for her community spirit and drive to make Montpelier a warmer, more welcoming and sustainable place to live.


Shiona Macpherson, Transition Montpelier