A Community Farm for Pensford?

We have recently acquired some land alongside the River Chew, within short walking distance along the public footpath from the village of Pensford, North Somerset.   Our hope is to use this land for mixed farming, including grazing livestock, free range poultry, fruit and nut trees and vegetables grown for supply directly to local people.  We are very keen to also support the wildlife and natural beauty of the area, and provide opportunities for local residents of all ages to get involved.  This could be through offering farm membership, seasonal employment, children’s/youth activities, adults workshops and occasional community events (e.g. a harvest festival).


Key Aims

  • To provide a source of affordable, nutritious, sustainably produced food to local people
  • To become an educational and recreational asset to the village of Pensford and the local neighbourhood
  • To enhance the wildlife value of the site
  • To spread awareness of more healthy and sustainable lifestyles
  • To eventually provide opportunities for apprenticeships and employment


Your opinions are very important to us

We would love to hear local residents’ views about the range of foods we are considering for production and the other activities we could potentially carry out.  This farm could become an asset to the local area, so make sure you have your say about how it develops!

To complete a 5mins online questionnaire please click on one of these links:

Click here for residents of Publow with Pensford Parish

Click here for residents of Stanton Drew, Chew Magna, Compton Dando or other nearby villages

Click here for members of the public living outside these areas

If preferred, we would be happy to talk to you over the phone or send you a paper copy of the consultation.  Just send us a message through the Contact Us page.


What will we do next?

Please go to our blog to see the latest news on farm developments.  Click here.

We have put together a summary of consultation responses so far.  You can read about that here.

This year we will producing a range of vegetables and some eggs, with a handful of pigs and cattle also arriving on site.  We are exploring possible supply routes for our produce, including the following: delivery to consumers, farmers markets, a dedicated farm shop or market stall in the village, existing local shops, local pubs/restaurants.  We do not wish to encourage extra road use directly to the site.

We are consulting with local schools, particularly Pensford and Stanton Drew Primaries, on how we might best contribute to the children’s education and enjoyment of the outdoors.  We also want to engage with other local community groups and businesses to explore ways we can support each others’ activities.  If you are a member or representative of a local group or business, please get in touch!

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We want to hear your views! Please take part in our survey about plans for a piece of farmland near Pensford, North Somerset. Go to the Pensford page for more details.

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