Welcome to Green Feasts!

Thank you for visiting.  Green Feasts supports communities and individuals to develop skills, interests and relationships, with a particular focus on food and the natural environment.  We do this by running our own projects and also supporting other organisations’ activities through voluntary or freelance work.  Please look around to see what we get up to, what others think of us and how you can get involved!

Community Work
We work with residents in our own neighbourhood to develop food related projects that strengthen community spirit and encourage people to grow and buy food more sustainably.
Work with Schools
At the heart of our company is the mission to provide children with opportunities for outdoor learning and helping them develop a healthy attitude to food and sustainable lifestyles.
Food Production
Produced with the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental protection, nutrition and flavour - the food we grow has everything you could want on a plate.


“I'm so pleased I got involved with the Bean Feast. It was wonderful to meet so many nice people in my own neighbourhood, and I might never have done so otherwise.”
Various residents of Montpelier, Bristol
Sally was a large part of the facilitation of this service for the first 2 years, helping to promote and deliver Many Hands with creative flair and committment. Her own experience in gardening helped us to design and build suitable spaces for some 20 odd participants.
Nadia Hillman, Founder of GROFUN
Their infectious, vital enthusiasm for local custom, local food and fun gathered a strong volunteer base. Their ability to bring together different members of our community, helped our festival turn into a huge success.
Amelia Taylor, current chair of Montpelier Bean Feast
Sally's involvement has been crucial to our success... Sally works amazingly hard on any project she commits herself to. She is truly cherished locally for her community spirit and drive to make Montpelier a warmer, more welcoming and sustainable place to live.
Shiona Macpherson, Transition Montpelier
Sally is committed to education and sustainability and has a broad skill set for addressing solutions in this area. I would thoroughly testify to Sally's passion and confidence in dreaming up ideas and putting them into practice.
Nadia Hillman, Founder of GROFUN
Green Feast's work with Green Play Project has been vital to our development. They provided us with a professional and personalised service from the inception of the company and got involved with all aspects of the business.
Simon Jackman, Director of Green Play Project